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2022 Traralgon “Labour Day” Tournament


Entries are now open for the 2022 Traralgon Tournament.

The tournament will be held from Saturday, March 12 to Monday, March 14, 2022.

Entry information:

  • Entry registration link is now open (see link below)
  • The entry fee remains at $385.00 inc. GST per team
  • TABA will issue each association an invoice for payment in early 2022 in case any further COVID related restrictions occur or in the event the tournament is cancelled
  • All entries must be in by Monday, February 11th 2022
  • Entry fees will NOT be refunded once the draw preparation has commenced (unless the event is cancelled and outside TABA’s control)
  • Teams will be guaranteed four games over the weekend
  • Fixtures, results and ladders will be published on the PlayHQ website

Competitions offered:

  • Under 10 Boys (A & B Grade)
  • Under 10 Girls (A & B Grade)
  • Under 12 Boys (A & B Grade)
  • Under 12 Girls (A & B Grade)
  • Under 14 Boys (A & B Grade)
  • Under 14 Girls (A & B Grade)
  • Under 16 Boys (A & B Grade)
  • Under 16 Girls (A & B Grade)
  • Under 19 Boys (A & B Grade)
  • Under 19 Girls (A & B Grade)
  • Mens Open
  • Womens Open


In the interest of a fair and enjoyable tournament, it is expected that each team enter the appropriate grade

  • A Grade is for elite, representative level competition
  • B Grade is for elite, representative level 2nd teams, or domestic level competition

Team Registration

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